Hog Wash 

2180 7th Street

White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Hog Wash is a full service wash in White Bear Lake Minnesota. We offer an express wash through our tunnel as well as service on the end. We also offer high end detailing and a fully automatic touchless motorcycle wash. We clean cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats & more!

Introducing a fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash–like nothing else in the U.S.

Hog Wash takes on its first motorcycle.

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10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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Introducing a fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash, operating at a PSI, certified by Harley Davidson.

Hog Wash never uses harmful chemicals, those corrosive waxes that lend to damaged wiring or the chemicals that may harm leather, chrome, or paint. Hog Wash sprays at an angle, designed to avoid hitting bearings.

Hog Wash offers the first of its kind, a fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash. Though the fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash is popular in France, where the volume of motorcycles outnumbers the number in the U.S., the Hog Wash is the only motorcycle wash in the five-state area.


The Hog Wash Motorcycle Wash

The Hog Wash Motorcycle Wash is touch-free and fast, and in minutes, your bike will be spot free after a front and rear tire rotation, a two-step pre-soak, a 600 psi mid pressure rinse, a protectant, two passes of spot free rinse, and a 10 H.P. on-board dry involving two passes over the seat and one over the remaining part of the bike.

The bay wash platform uses a steel front-wheel capture, rotating conveyor, integrated pre-soak, and a high-pressure wheel/tire clean. A length measuring is utilized for optimum cleaning. The wash includes a kickstand capture, a stabilizing system, overhead carriage, variable frequency controlled tape drive carriage movement, and a contouring spray arch with an alternating offset for difficult areas and smooth radial cover. Hog Wash utilizes V-jet nozzles and a UL Listed Motor Control Center.

With the push of a button, the wash begins, and verbal instructions and cues are provided.

Our sitting room offers extravagance and comfort while you wait.

Detailing and hand wash prices

$45 one-hour service includes pipe cooling
$130 two-hour detail service

$45 Hand wash includes a 30-minute service
$130 Detailing (Cost depends on vehicle size and additional options.)