Our thanks to our customers and White Bear Lake for their continued support in our dream to open the first fully automatic motorcycle wash in the U.S. White Bear Lake Planning Commission will conduct a meeting, Monday, September 24, at City Hall White Bear Lake to discuss the permit. Then, October 9, they will vote on a decision. Please support us. Your attendance exudes support. Please watch the video and if you believe in a motorcycle car wash, please join us on September 24.

Here is a video of our wash.

For those interested in the White Bear Lake City Hall meeting to consider a CUPA (Conditional Use Purpose Amendment) for the fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash, here is an update below.

City Hall Meeting Septemeber 24th

Hours of Operation
Monday – Saturday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Here is our Pricing:

Basic Tunnel Wash $5.00!

Car Hand Wash Options
– $25 exterior $35 with inside
Car Detailing
– $ 100 inside
– $ 100 out side
– $ 10 for larger vehicles

Motorcycle Hand Wash Options
– $45 (30 Minutes to Cool Pipes, 30 Minutes to Wash).
Motorcycle Detailing
– $130 (2 Hours + 30 Minutes to Cool Pipes)

Notice: Until approved by White Bear Lake City Hall, the fully automatic touch-less wash is waiting in Indiana to be shipped. We are still awaiting the White Bear Lake City Hall decision. We hopefully will know between 9/28/2018 – 10/14/2018. Thank you for your understanding. If we are not approved, we will seek an amendment to the legally non-conforming status. That would take another 130 days. Thank you for your patience.

Hog Wash is a fully automatic touch-less motorcycle(coming soon)and tunnel car wash. The bike wash operates at a PSI lower than recommended by Harley Davidson. We do not use harmful chemicals, i.e., wax that could erode wiring, or chemicals that may harm leather, chrome, or paint.

Hog Wash will be the first operational fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash in the United States. Though the fully automatic touch-less motorcycle wash is popular in France where the volume of motorcycles out number the volume in the U.S. The motorcycle wash is the first operating in the US. The tunnel car wash is excellent as well. See what we have done on our blog page.

Check out our updates on the blog page!

For more information on the bike wash, please visit Harrell’s Car Wash Systems at–harrellscarwashsystems.com/equipment/automatic/moto-wash/

Check out the new sitting room!

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For detailing and hand washing here are the prices:

For motorcycles it is $45 and takes about one hour (pipes need to cool), a 2 hour detail is $130.

For vehicles a hand wash is $45 per car and takes 30 minutes. Detailing is $130 and up depending on vehicle size and additional options.